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between 7 PM and 11 PM on Saturday, March 4, 2006

The following will take place between 7 PM and 11 PM on Saturday, March 4, 2006. This will be the shortest four hours of your life.

A group of intellectual rebels will convene on the top floor of MIT Building E55 to discuss the implications of the virtues of Objectivism. Some are self-employed. Others work for other people. Some are students. Repeat attendees are asked to bring $5 to compensate for food, drink, and the cost of renting the room - unless Alex and ALice are informed you are not consuming nourishment. First timers will attend for free.

The first season virtue salon digressed into a discussion of whether or not the virtues are absolute. The audiotapes were said to be slow and uneven. The second season will go about rectifying that situation by examining what the virtues mean and when they can improve our lives, summarizing Gary Hull's talk rather than playing it. Said intellectual rebels will examine integrity, productivity, justice, and pride. Honesty will be dropped because it is an optional virtue. NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE IS ASSUMED.

In order to heighten the experience of the salon, one of our members will experience a panic attack by looking out of the window of our 22nd floor room. By becoming helpless, she will appear to raise the volatility of the situation. Another attendee will be captured in an MIT prank on the way to the building. This will give viewers something to watch when the main course is on break. The location has:

a) easy access to students and others in Boston
b) easy access to the red line (Kendall/MIT)
c) ample parking on a Saturday night
d) a gorgeous view of Boston skyscrapers

Directions are listed on the websites below. Take Memorial Drive to Wadsworth st. From Wadsworth, if you're driving, take a right onto Broadway and immediate right into the sloan parking lot, free and ample on Saturday night. MIT students will generally let you into the building as long as you let them frisk you and pat you down. Alice will hopefully post an emergency number to the list and give directions from the elevator if it's not obvious. ap-jpg?section=directions ap-jpg?zoom=level2¢erx=712303& centery=496106&oldzoom=level3&ma p.x=283&map.y=140

Come prepared with your favorite Chuck Norris joke.

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