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A Scintillating Discussion about Lawsuits as a political strategy

Where: MIT Building E55 (Directions below)
When: Saturday, Feb 11, 7-11 PM with a break
What: A Scintillating Discussion about Lawsuits as a political strategy
Who: Hopefully, you and other cool, laid back folks interested in Objectivism
Cost: $0 for first-timers, $5 for anyone else unless they let Alex and Alice know they won't be eating

The chances of implementing full-blown Objectivism in the political sphere are nil. However, there are opportunities to move either further away from and towards the Objectivist model. This is true in electoral politics, but increasingly, lawyers and interest groups are using the courts to achieve political ends. Lawsuits as a political strategy are being used both for capitalistic and anti-capitalistic agendas. For example, MA lawyers are now suing schools for offering snack foods in vending machines, and D.C. lawyers sued McDonalds for causing people to be obese. I will discuss the mixed results of the judicial process, but if some of you want to look up the topics below, so much the better.

NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE IS ASSUMED. I simply listed the cases in case you wanted to look them up on the internet. I'll be sharing insights I learned from a libertarian professor last semester. Possible topics include Gonzalez v. Raich (medicinal marijuana), Lawrence v. Texas (antisodomy laws), Gratz v. Bollinger (affirmative action), Zelman v. Simmons-Harris (vouchers for religious schools), Granholme v. Healde (wine sales on the internet), U.S. vs. Lopez (interstate commerce), and Coker v. Forti (tobacco cartel whoops I mean settlement). Other suggestions are welcome

A lot of abbreviated decisions are listed here, so they are short and sweet.

This should be a good salon, and we may have some newcomers. Amanda will post this to a Harvard libertarian club list and I'm passing this on to the meetup group.

On Saturday, we have a terrific setting in a million-door penthouse in an MIT skyrise! How fitting for fans of Howard Roark. With the MIT, Cambridge, location, it has

a) easy access to students and others in Boston
b) easy access to the red line (Kendall/MIT)
c) ample parking on a Saturday night
d) a gorgeous view of Boston skyscrapers

Directions are listed on the websites below. We're in bldg E55, so you'll want to take Memorial Drive to Wadsworth st. From Wadsworth, if you're driving, take a right onto Broadway and immediate right into the parking lot. Friendly MIT students will generally let you into the building as long as you let them frisk you and pat you down. Alice will hopefully post an emergency number to the list and give directions from the elevator if it's not obvious.¢erx=712303¢ery=496106&oldzoom=level3&map.x=283&map.y=140

Anyone can park in tHe Sloan Parking lot off of Broadway on a Saturday night.
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