Brer Vole (brer_vole) wrote in freeboston,
Brer Vole

Saturday, September 24, from 7pm-

Who: The Boston Objectivist Network - cool, intelligent people
Where: Joe's house, 11 Lilac Ct., Cambridge
When: Saturday, September 24, from 7-?
Theme Music: Honesty, Billy Joel

Due to our trust in central planning, I have chosen to designate next Saturday's salon to a deeper understanding of the Objectivist virtues. Reading them in Galt's speech is one thing; applying them in one's own life is another. We will listen to Gary Hull's lectures in brief intervals as starting points for discussion. For those drawn to controversy, you might be interested in a point of contention between ARI and TOC - TOC disputes that productivity is the central purpose of one's life.

Is a virtue most fundamentally a habit of taking particular actions, or is it a principle of action, whose application to context may vary?

Are virtues only a means to life or happiness, or are they "mieutic ends" that are both means to the good life, and constitutive of it at the same time (so that it would not make sense to sacrifice them for the good life).
For those who hold that virtue is its own reward, or constitutive of the Good, virtues are the sort of activities one lives for.

JOE's PLACE IS THE LOCATION AFTER ALL, since he is not moving/cleaning quite yet. If you plan on not eating or drinking any of the refreshments provided by Alex and Alice, you MUST notify them ahead of time so they don't waste money that they won't collect back. Contact Alex at alex@inga.....

Unvirtuous people who eat without paying will be chewed up and spit out.
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