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Brer Vole

Saturday, April 8 from 7PM-11PM

Who: Cool folks interested in Objectivism
What: A discussion of the philosophy of brains, oops I mean mind
(was going to be called the limits of rationality or the domain of
Where: MIT Building E55, Cambridge MA
When: Saturday, April 8 from 7PM-11PM

Have you ever been at a cocktail party and had someone tell you that your dream is really an expression of your subconsious desire for X? This happens to me all the time. So, this Saturday, we'll attempt to arrive at an answer for this and more.

I will discuss some insights from John Locke's epistemology, later sharply criticized by Freud. Amanda will discuss Timothy Wilson's book on subconscious thoughts. Wilson, apparently, takes Freud to task. I will also talk about John Searle's contribution to philosophy. Searle argues against behaviorism, and against understanding consciousness simply in terms of the biological processes. He also uses the "Chinese Room Argument" to show that the mind is not a machine.

Unless it is your first salon, please reimburse Alex and Alice with $5 for refreshments and room fee. Bring your left and right brain and the thingy that connects them.

Our Bldg. 55 location has:

a) easy access to students and others in Boston
b) easy access to the red line (Kendall/MIT)
c) ample parking on a Saturday night
d) a gorgeous view of Boston skyscrapers

Directions are listed on the websites below. Take Memorial Drive to
Wadsworth st. From Wadsworth, if you're driving, take a right onto
Broadway and immediate right into the sloan parking lot, free and
ample on Saturday night. MIT students will generally let you into the
building as long as you let them frisk you and pat you down. Take the
elevator to the penthouse.¢erx=712303¢ery=496106&oldzoom=level3&ma%20p.x=283&map.y=140

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