Brer Vole (brer_vole) wrote in freeboston,
Brer Vole

Nov 5 : "salon on interpersonal communications"

Chris writes : "I'm planning on having the Nov 5 salon on interpersonal communications. I can summarize what I've learned from Deborah Tannen's book "Communication Matters" on tape. However, the salon will be better if other people can summarize similar such books, and I would recommend anyone who spends any time commuting do so. Tannen has several other books on tape, and the classic "How to Win Friends and Influence People" is available from just about any library, though you may need to use ILL to obtain it. It has some interesting stories from history, and it should prove to be controversial for BON. I could arrange to burn some cds of each for takers. Any volunteers?"
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