Brer Vole (brer_vole) wrote in freeboston,
Brer Vole

The "Edukate me" Salon - THIS Saturday, 8pm (TODAY!)

"Who: The Boston Objectivist Network
Where: Joe's house, 11 Lilac Ct., Cambridge
When: Saturday, June 18, from 8-?
Theme Music: "School's Out" - Alice Cooper

Now that school's out (for! summer!), it's only appropriate that the next
salon cover the grand theme of "education". Because I'm lazy, this topic
will be elaborated publicly by others shortly. I hope.

NOTE: This time it's at 8pm to accommodate some of our presenters. If you
show up too early, it's likely that no one will be there.

"Hi everyone,

We'll be discussing four methods of education and how they relate to
objectivism - feel free to familiarize yourself with any of the four methods
& bring your questions or opinions or criticisms!

Traditional classroom
Montessori (which Rand loved) --
Sudbury Valley (or Free Schooling) --
Unschooling --


"One case for more traditional schooling, though not available online is from Peikoff:

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