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new location - tonight : Saturday, May 28, 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Joe's House
11 Lilac Ct,Cambridge,MA View Map
When: Saturday, May 28, 7:00pm to 10:00pm

No longer shall we be inconvenienced by the downstairs door-buzzer, indoor carpeting, or fluorescent lighting, nor will we be given disapproving stares by socialist neighbors, for the Salon is now meeting at *my* house in Kendall Square. -Joe

Have you ever wanted to take supplies from the office when nobody was looking? Sneak into another movie theater in the same hallway after your movie is over? Take over the galaxy as the dark lord of the sith (you'll eventually be killed, but you'll rule for a good 40 years). Well, maybe, now you can!

One of Objectivism's most persistent criticisms is that it cannot answer the prudent predator problem. The basis for ethics in Objectivism is self-interest. But Objectivists have always argued that self-interest never consists in initiating force/harm against others. Most would say that it is in one's self-interest to respect the negative rights of others.

Rand came up with various reasons not to: doing so would give other people a reason to retaliate; it would encourage dependency on your part; it would make you value stupidity and gullibility in others; encourage the growth of predation; and you would lose time you could spend productively. All of these situations apply most of the time, but there are those occasional instances where one's decision to prey on others would never be caught, and doing so occasionally would hardly make one dependent. Is the Objectivist Position that "you should prey on others when it is in your interest, but it usually isn't"?

Some might say that the psychology of humans is hard-wired so as to never benefit (in terms of happiness) from harming others. We can discuss this as well as other objections to prudent predation at the salon. Recent emails have discussed this issue, as well as Will Thomas' lectures from last summer's TOC, and a paper I will forward later this week.

Wasn't I clever to have the predation salon take place at a location other than my own?

Your Moderator,



More on the location:

My house is one block from Hampshire and Cardinal Madieros, near One Kendall Square and the Kendall Cinema. It's easy walking distance from the Kendall T (10-15mins). Lilac is L-shaped, and joins Webster (at Hampshire) and Cardinal Madieros. There's a big Italian cultural center on that corner.

There's plenty of street parking (or there should be) on Hampshire, Cardinal Madieros, or at the movie theater, much of it metered. You can also take a chance with permit parking; the odds are good that you won't be ticketed (but I make no guarantees!)

Somehow, the Man was able to delete the bulk of Lilac Ct from the maps at Yahoo, Google, and Mapquest, so as always, don't believe what you read. The road really is there.. trust me.
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